The Retro Clock Radio with iPod Dock

by Ally

The one downside of owning an iPod is that every iPod looks shiny and new. No matter what, it looks like current technology, so for those in love with all that is retro it’s not really their style. However, there are cases to hide your iPod and you can also get other accessories to balance it out. Well now JCPenney actually is carrying the Retro Clock Radio with iPod Dock. Which is odd since every iPod dock I’ve ever seen that looks even the slightest bit original has to be found on some random store online.

Unfortunately although their site is based off of their physical stores, they still aren’t selling the dock at their stores. So this also has to be bought online, but at least it’s from a company you likely already know. Plus in the event that you might not like it, you could just drive to your local JCPenney and take it back instead of worrying about paying for return shipping. The dock doesn’t have any exciting specs, just that of an average dock/alarm/radio. It comes in a cherry finish and is being sold for $79.99.

Source: Gadgettastic

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