The Mahjong USB Drive allows you to personalize

by Ally

USB drives are usually far from having an earthy appeal.  However, these new Mahjong flash drives are exactly that.  Yes, it is still just a USB drive, but if it’s something you carry around a lot you might as well pay a few extra dollars (within reason) to have something that reflects your personal style.  After all, if it’s out of your price range it’s really not going to matter if it does look perfect for you.  Nobody likes those silly designer drives and their overly expensive prices that no common human being could ever afford.

The drives come in two different wood styles and then the option of either 8GB or 16GB.  Then you can flip through and find which designs to place onto the drive.  You can also have your name engraved onto the drive.  Sadly this is one of those annoying products that although it is very cool, it is very expensive.  It is currently sold for $400 just depending on what size you grab.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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