Sony OLED Flexible Display: I’m Loving It

by Mark R

Sure, this isn’t the first time that we reported on Sony’s OLEDs before. First unveiled at CES in January, these babies have been on a lot of gadget lovers’ minds ever since. The Sony wireless XEL-1 TV is on sale for about $2,500, and the saga of the Sony OLED continues with a new development of a flexible 11-inch display.

This pliable TV still has its 0.3mm thickness (or thinness) which is easy enough to get a paper cut, or, in this case, a screen cut. These OLEDs don’t come cheap, and because this tech is so new, it probably won’t get any cheaper any time soon. Once it does, just imagine the possibilities!

I mean, the age of e-paper will finally arrive! That little stack of papers on your desk will soon be replaced by OLED displays of every type. So, there will be less trees being killed, but more of whatever materials used to make the OLEDs, I suppose.

Sure, there is more applications for these, like pull-out scrolling displays on cellular phones. Lest we forget that our flatscreen TVs will soon be nigh two-dimensional!

Yes, the possibilities are endless, but it has hardly begun. There is no word when this tiny screen will be available to the general public. Let’s hope the price isn’t too steep.


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