I Sleep on my Laptop with iSleep

by Mark R

As a freelance writer, I live by my laptop. Sometimes, I work a little too hard and I just want to get a little bit of sleep. When I do, I usually just push my laptop aside and uncomfortably turn my folded arms into pillows.

Perhaps this is why Ivonne Dippmann designed the iSleep pillow. The purpose of the iSleep is to make that uncomfortable piece of plastic and metal and turn it into a place to rest my head.

In all honesty, I never tried to use my laptop for a pillow because it is just plain hard. I am also worried about messing up the insides of my laptop by putting the weight of my head on it. The iSleep solves this weight problem by attaching to the laptop’s exhaust vent, and the warm air inflates for some nice padding on the iSleep.

Not only is the pillow warm, but it has an integrated speaker that will play music. I can only assume that your laptop programs what tunes you will hear as you drift away to dreamland. There is even an alarm tone to wake you up when needed, and I’m not certain if that is part of the iSleep or you have to program the laptop for that.

So far, this iSleep is only a concept, but it is something that I could certainly use.


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