The Newspaper Log Roller lets you heat with newspaper

by Ally

A long while ago there was the brick maker that turned your stacks of newspaper into little bricks to make starting a fire much easier.  It was condensed newspaper so it didn’t just burn all up immediately, it burned a little slower but was still easy to light.  Well now there is this device which rolls the newspapers for you and I have to admit I’m a little torn.  These are more meant to be used as logs, which is nice because that means no more trees need to be cut down.  It would be especially great for anyone who saved a lot of newspapers and didn’t really burn a fire that much.

Maybe they’d light a fire for the occasionally chilly night and that’s it.  Now if you were to actually heat your house off of these, I think it would become a lot more complex. Mostly because it’s going to take several pieces of newspaper to make one of those logs.  Now one nice thing is that you might be able to cut costs on buying wood, which anyone that heats their house by burning wood usually has had to do at least once.  Yes, perhaps you could roll up your own newspapers, but I question if by hand you could get it as tightly wound as with this little device.  It’s at a cheap price ($33.97) so if nothing else you could at least give it a try.

Source: bbgadgets

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