Hitachi does it again with wireless streaming camcorder

It isn’t the first time Hitachi has sent shockwaves in the video industry, but it’s certainly the first time anyone has bothered to cut the cord between camera and receiver. Demonstrating a prototype at CEDIA this week, Hitachi executives showcased the means by which the camera, dubbed the WOOO, can stream HD video to a TV display completely wirelessly. The Wooo was able to AVCHD video and stread it across a standard IEEE802.11g module using SSDIO. The TV was able to receive it thanks to a wireless receiver plugged into it and acting as an access point. A few things have to be worked out, however.

Chief of which, is that the camera has to use two separate servers to stream live and recorded video. Live Video uses the Hitachi IPTV server feature to deliver the signals to the HDTV, but has to then switch to Hitachi’s DLNA server for streaming prerecorded video. No big deal, as long as it works. But twice as much of anything tends to mean confusion or, breakage. And that translates to being expensive. The concept is proven as sound, which means it’s only a matter of time before we finally get the ability to simply hit play and place the camera on top of the TV without dealing with crawling behind the TV to connect the cords.


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  1. hi im trying to find a way to add a camcorder to a small unmaned remote control carp fishing boat (bait boat) and be able to receive a picture on a monitor from the bank of the lake in real time or as close to , is this technology out there already ? If so can you or anyone point me in the right direction
    Many thank darren

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