iPoint Presenter is gesture-based

It is amazing how many times I refer to the movie Minority Report when it comes to emerging technology. Hopefully we will never develop Precogs that can predict murders, but that gesture-based interface screen that Tom Cruise uses is something that I want.

It appears that an organization known as Fraunhofer HHI has made my dream come true with the iPoint Presenter. This interaction concept uses gesture based interface on a projected screen, and is ironically more advanced than the one used in Minority Report.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Tom had to wear these gloves that emanated some weird blue light. The iPoint Presenter requires nothing more than a user’s bare hands, as the iPoint Presenter can sense the user’s gestures with its infrared eyes.

The interface is a lot like watching an iPhone touchscreen projected against the wall. For example, the user can expand a window by widening the gap between their finger and thumb. Speaking of the iPhone, I can’t help but wonder why the iPoint is somehow related to Macintosh with the “i” in front of it. Maybe it wants to be a Mac product.

This interaction can apparently be used on many applications including “interactive POI/POS, games, photo viewers, even Google Earth”. The iPoint Presenter is a concept now, but it is one that I want to see in my house soon.


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  1. ..or maybe it just means ‘i point’ XD

    the hands being up all the time would be a bit tiring..a fact i found out with my cousins eyetoy><

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