Aurora Color Changing Clock knows what time it is

by Mark R

There are times where I am sitting around working, and I lose track of the time. So I check the time on my clock, and the clock is facing the other way. Wouldn’t you know it!

It appears that Aurora has figured out a solution to this time-telling dilemma by creating a clock that changes color every hour. It has twelve colors that represent the hours of the day, and it might take a little while before you learn what color is what hour.

So, the color won’t tell you the time to the exact minute, but it will give you a broad sense of what time it is. I’m not certain if the colors gradually change, or if it just changes like a traffic light on the hour.

Personally, I would prefer the gradual change, and then get used to sensing the time by the minute once I get used to the color shades. By the way, the LCD display is backlit by whatever display color is on the exterior.

The Aurora Color Changing Clock has a translucent rubber housing, which allows the lights to go on and off with a tap. The alarm clock will flash when it is time to get up.

So if you like the idea of this chameleon of a clock, feel free to get it at the London Science Museum online store for about $26.


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Adrian Says: October 3, 2008 at 2:36 am

I actually own one of these, and its not all what it’s cracked up to be.

1) Yes, the colours do change on the hour, but there are conditions to how you want the colours to occur.
If you run the clock on batteries, you either have the option to make the colour flick on on the hour – of which it will be different every hour. Or you can just touch it to turn it on as the back ‘feet’ of the clock are the sensors.

2) There is the ability to have the colours constantly on, but that option does not come with the clock itself, you will need to buy your own DC power plug to do that, then it will gradually change colours on the hour.

3) The clock itself is a bunch of crap. You can only see the face of the clock, if you look at it on the same level. Much like how a rear projection TV screen looks dimmer if your eye is not on the same level, you can’t read the clock anywhere else but on that same line. 🙁

Dawn Says: February 25, 2009 at 9:48 am

Whatever, say what you will about it. It’s cool. It changes colors on the hour and works just fine for us. It’s a great buy!

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