Poufman Seating for Pac-man fans

by Ally

Apparently it doesn’t take much to get around those silly copyright laws, all you have to do is twist the name around a little and try to look innocent. Then surely no one will notice your Poufman seats look alarmingly like Pac-man. Even with having an eye where Pac-man’s eye would be, no one will ever notice the similarities between the two. Well if you would like a bit of gamer friendly seating this is definitely the way to do it. Pac-man or rather Poufman has never looked so classy as he does in the form of luxurious furniture.

This was designed by an Italian company called QAYOT, who decided to risk the copyright laws just to bring some class to gaming accessories. That or they just happened to somehow think up a design that just happened to look like Pac-man. Not only are these cool and gamer friendly, but with all the extra little squares these would be great for anyone who has a lot of company over. Small seats like this could easily be shoved closer to the TV for a bit of gaming.

Source: GamerFront

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