Microsoft unveils special edition Gears of War 2 Zune


Just when you thought that Microsoft’s Zune is all but dead and buried, along comes the software giant and their special limited edition version of the Gears of War 2 Zune 120GB model. Microsoft has already begun to take in pre-orders for this limited edition device at both and, while those living in the Great White North can place their respective pre-orders from,, and This 120GB device will retail for approximately $279.99 and will ship from November 7th onwards, leaving you plenty of time to wrap this up in the nicest manner possible before presenting it to your loved one as a Christmas present. Be forewarned though – anyone who receives this must be a Gears of War fan, own an Xbox 360 and does not mind owning the Zune (preferably not in possession of an iPod as well). Pretty tough criteria to fulfill, but hey – that’s life.

The main idea behind this special edition model is to celebrate the sequel to one of the best-selling Xbox franchises of all time, bringing together both Xbox and Epic Games Inc. in order to create it with the hardcore fan in mind. You will find appealing features such as a laser-etched Crimson Omen on the new gloss black enclosure, collectible “Gears of War” packaging, as well as 244 pieces of “Gears of War” media including the original game soundtrack, behind- the-scenes videos, game trailers and concept art galleries. Are these enough to knock you off your feet by now, or do you want more? If you fall under the latter, I’m sorry but those are all there is on offer.

Interestingly enough, Gears of War 2 (the game) will be released on November 7th itself – the same day as this special edition Zune 120GB model ships. You know what they say – the early bird gets the worm, but with the number of Zune fans out there, I’d seriously doubt it whether this model will sell out or not.

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