USB Hollywood Film Kit: Lights! Webcamera! Action!

by Mark R

I’m sure most have you have seen the film Cloverfield, the J.J. Abrams monster movie that was filmed in the style of a handheld movie camera. Contrary to what is depicted in the film, the camera used for shooting that film was a very fancy high-definition camera, not a Best Buy handheld.

I only bring this up because I have also had a great idea for a movie that is filmed in the style of a webcam. I don’t exactly have a plot just yet, but I noticed in my test filming of potential action that webcams produce shotty image quality.

This is why the USB Hollywood Film kit is pertinent to my future indie blockbuster. This kit comes with a webcam that looks like a real movie camera, and a separate spotlight for more lighting, which has the Hollywood-style flaps.

Both the camera and spotlight are mounted on flexible arms, and each require separate USB ports. The camera is compatible with Windows XP SP2, Vista, plus Mac OS 10.4.8 and up.

According to my source, the USB Hollywood Film kit is not available in the United States, and there is no word on price. There is also no word from J.J. Abrams on the status of my webcam movie, other than “we’ll get back to you”.


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