The Electro Puff Lamp Dimmer

I have to say, sometimes people scare me, or in this case specifically some parents scare me.  I keep waiting to listen to the news to hear about a child sent to school in a giant roll of bubble wrap.  There are just some parents that see danger lurking around every corner even with the smallest of things.  One thing I never ever even considered dangerous was a dimmer switch.  I mean seriously, who finds a dimmer switch dangerous?!   At first I prayed that the Electro Puff Lamp Dimmer was just a bizarre concept design, but no such luck.

Someone actually paid to have it manufactured and some crazy parents I’m sure are snatching them up.  The switch works by you gently tapping it and it will change the light to a different level of brightness.  The puff is made from recycled carpet fiber and conductive yarns.  It also is stain-resistant and antimicrobial, which is good since this is meant for people with kids.  It’s safe for ages 8 and up and you can pick it up at the MoMA Store for $35.

Source: OhGizmo

1 thought on “The Electro Puff Lamp Dimmer”

  1. Um. Hello. This is not made for uber-safety conscious parents (so obvious the reviewer above is NOT one, clearly from the uber-judgemental tone only capable from people who don’t have kids). It is made for parents to give their kids control of the lights when they go to bed. Ever thought of the fact that little kids get scared to turn off the light and then run to their bed in the pitch dark (but also some don’t sleep well with a night light). This thing solves that. Small hands aren’t great at using the on/off switches of some lamps either. For families in this scenario is has the possibility of solving the problem of waking up mom/dad for every potty run simply because the child is scared to turn off the light by themselves. Easily worth $35 if it lives up to THAT promise.

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