Synaptics introduce ChiralRotate and Two-Finger Flick


Synaptics has announced new gestures to join its expanding portfolio of gesture recognition capabilities, with the ChiralRotate and Two-Finger Flick taking the limelight. Just in case Synaptics rings a bell, that’s because its TouchPads are often found in popular notebook brands as well as peripheral keyboards, and in light of Apple’s multi-touch capability on its iPhone and iPod touch, it makes perfect sense for Synaptics to do something about the situation and shore up their portfolio. For the uninitiated, ChiralRotate allows users to move one finger in a circular motion to rotate images and graphics within applications, quickly and easily while Two-Finger Flick enables users, depending on the application, to either use two fingers to flick horizontally to navigate back-and-forth through images, documents and objects, or to flick vertically to minimize and maximize an application.

Windows users would be pleased to note that ChiralRotate and Two-Finger Flick are 100% compatible with hundreds of Microsoft Windows applications. I can see that grin on your face – is your finger already itching to perform a few flicks? It would be interesting to see just how much easier life on a TouchPad is with the incorporation of both motions, as to whether both (or one) will be a novelty after a while remains to be seen. One thing that you cannot deny though, is the usability testing that Synaptics have put both gestures through in order to bring the very best to consumers and users alike. The ChiralMotion gesture, in fact, has gone through multiple usability tests that proved Synaptics’ theory that continuous circular movement of the finger on the TouchPad is the most desirable, natural gesture for users to perform.

Would be nice to see notebooks include much larger touchpads in the future though if the ChiralMotion and Two-Finger Flick gestures are to be enjoyed at its optimal level. Let’s face the facts – touchpads these days aren’t up to snuff when it comes to real estate space allocated for it.

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