Mitsubishi NR-HZ001 series of car navigation systems


Mitsubishi has just rolled out its new NR-HZ001 series of car navigation systems that will be fitted into the remainder of its 2008 lineup, featuring an integrated hard drive to store all your navigational data. One of the models will boast the ability to watch “full segment” terrestrial digital broadcasts, although that is not recommended if you’re driver – leave the watching to your passengers while you concentrate on the road. I tend to find that distractions such as in-dash DVD players and what-nots add to a less safe driving experience, as my roving eyes tend to concentrate more on what’s happening on the screen instead of the vehicles behinds’ that I am fast approaching.

These two models will be released this November 5th in Japan, with no word on a recommended retail price although pundits are pointing towards at $2,353 price point for the full segment model with the 1seg model going for approximately $1,900 or so. According to Eiji Nakayama, executive officer in charge of Automotive Equipment, “Even though the cost of car navigation systems is declining as a result of the emergence of PNDs, high prices will not deter consumers if a product has added value.” You, as a driver, do you think what he says holds water, or are you much more careful with your purse strings now that there is no $700 billion bailout plan that has left the US economy in tatters?

What makes this model stand out from the rest is the inclusion of the “Multi Relay Operation” that helps standardize the transition of multiple operation systems such as touch panels, remote control and voice recognition. Since the driver is meant to leave both hands on the steering wheel and not fiddling with knobs and switches, Mitsubishi clearly believes that voice input is the way to go when it comes to operating a navigation system while driving. Unfortunately, voice recognition in car navigation systems are still in its infancy stage as malfunctions due to misrecognition are frequent, leading Mitsubishi to standardize the transition of operation to enable passengers in the front passenger seat and backseats to take over operation from the driver. Neat – make sure you don’t go yapping if you’re driving this alone lest you end up in a ditch with an airbag in your face.

Source: Tech-On!

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