USB Handbag Flash Drive looks like it should be on Barbie

by Ally

If you’ve been missing your Barbie days, with all of her tiny clothing and accessories you’ll love this USB drive.  It’s disguised in the form of a tiny toy purse, although parents with girls that enjoy Barbies might run into some issues.  Specifically with the girl stealing your USB drive all the time, which is no good when you need that for work.  Modeling the handbag is the USB Super Kid Flash Drive, so if you purchase them both you’ve got childish toys to keep you entertained at work.

If you want the Super Kid, he comes in three different colors green, blue and yellow.  For an 8GB drive it will cost you $38.  I just don’t advise doing voices and making the thing talk though, coworkers will definitely think you’re insane.  Not that a little man and tiny purse on your desk won’t already make them think you’re nuts.  The USB purse comes in several different colors, you can pick it up in red, blue, green, yellow and of course pink.  For an 8GB drive it will cost you $36 from Brando.

Source: ChipChick

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