EPOS-lite makes a restaurant digital

There is nothing that I like more than dining at a fancy restaurant, but there is nothing that I don’t like more than the ritual of ordering and paying for your food.

Usually, when I have made my selection, it usually takes the wait-person a long time before he or she finally takes my order. Then, after I have eaten, I usually pay with a credit card, which involves the wait-person sticking it in some fancy fold up thing. Here my credit card sticks out at the end like a sign to the staff and customers that says: “steal me”.

The EPOS-lite is simplifying the process as each table comes with a digital menu. When selections are made, the customer gets to see exactly what he or she has picked, and it is also displayed to the chef.

Once the meal is finished, and it is time to pay, the EPOS-lite can handle that as well. All the user needs to do is enter in their payment information, and the meal is paid in full. Hopefully, the EPOS-lite can take care of the tip, because who really wants to leave money on the table these days?

It sounds like the EPOS-lite is also low maintenance, as the restaurant will not have to worry about changing the batteries in these headsets. Instead, the devices will charge by laying them on the tabletop.

Unfortunately, this device is still a concept, so there is no word when every restaurant will have an EPOS-lite. They certainly could use them.

Designed by Stephen Allport found via Dvice.