Speaker Buddies look like terrified little children

If your speakers are looking a little too normal lately you might check out this design.  These are still just a design and not quite to the point that they will be retailed just yet.  The strange little speakers look about like a terrified child curled up in the corner.  Like perhaps one that was just traumatized by whatever it is that you happen to do in your house when no one is looking.  The speakers were designed by Alex Underwood, who decided to take an odd direction with the materials for the speakers.

He used Expanded Polystyrene, which is typically a material that is deemed cheep and is just all around overlooked for use.  The speakers are meant to be used in pairs, and are actually fairly large.  They are also super lightweight and although shown here in white the manufacturing in EPS allows for a wide range of color options.  The look of the speaker is meant to capture child-like memories and emotions.  Frankly, the only emotion I see in the speakers is fear.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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