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DISH Network Corporation has just launched its new digital-to-analog converter box known as the DTVPal Plus, bringing all the features found on its tried and tested DTVPal along with an enhanced digital tuner for optimizing weak signal areas. The DTVPal Plus will be the latest converter box that qualifies for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s TV Converter Box Coupon Program; where it will retail for a mere $29.99 if you include a government coupon. Alternatively, those who can’t be bothered can pick up the DTVPal Plus sans coupon for $69.99.

The DTVPal Plus not only contains an enhanced digital tuner as mentioned earlier, it also boasts a unique analog pass-through feature which makes it capable of taking in both analog and digital signals, making it perfect for consumers who are currently affected by the transition process. After all, many stations are still low-power and are not required to switch to digital broadcasts by next year. Each DTVPal Plus comes with various components including an easy-to-follow setup wizard, an electronic program guide with up to seven days of program listings, parental controls, program search, auto tune timers for program recording on a connected VCR, closed caption support, a remote control, and signal strength screen pop-ups that can troubleshoot lost signals.

If you’re still in limbo where digital transition is concerned, here’s a suggestion. Subscribe to pay TV, since DISH Network is able to offer the best value in entertainment with the lowest all-digital price every day, and these shows will be accompanied by unmatched technology and award-winning customer service that has surpassed major cable TV providers for the past eight years. Hey, that’s their claim, so always take it with a pinch of salt, but I would like to think that something I pay for is better than something free – after all, most things in life work this way.

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Jesse @ DTVPal Plus Says: October 9, 2008 at 10:45 am

I really feel that the DTVPal Plus is one of the best and most complete converter boxes. From its great program guide, to excellent picture quality, to its enhanced tuner.

Sure, Dish has made some horrible moves in regard to public relations with its converter boxes and the original DTVPal has software bugs but I think they will all be fixed with the Plus and it should be the best converter box on the market.

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