Sony MDR-NC500D digital noise cancelling headphones


Business travelers who travel a whole lot will definitely find that a pair of noise canceling headphones can go a long way in helping them maintain their freshness after a particularly long flight, drowning out ambient noise so that they can have a great time snoozing before they touch down at their destination. Sony offers this option in the form of the MDR-NC500D, touted to be the first set of digital noise canceling headphones in the world.

Up until now, all noise canceling headphones have been built on analogue technology but the MDR-NC500D headphones use digital processing and advanced artificial intelligence to more accurately block unwanted noise in different environments. Sony MDR-NC500D headphones virtually eliminate low frequency ambient noise, whether the wearer is listening to music or just seeking some peace and quiet, and they automatically switch between three different noise canceling modes to provide the best results for different environments (aircraft, office, or bus). With large 40mm drivers and with an in-built Digital Noise Canceling Software Engine the headphones also deliver excellent quality sound reproduction.

Good thinking on Sony’s part to include an adapter for connecting the headphones to an aircraft’s entertainment system so that you can enjoy your in-flight movie with greater clarity compared to other passengers. The MDR-NC500D is able to last for up to 16 hours before its AA batteries die out.

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tony Says: March 23, 2015 at 2:03 am

thank for sharing but i think Sony MDRV6 or MDR 7506 is best choice in currently

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