Play me a song, it’s the Piano Hand

by Mark R

I’ve noticed trends in electronic musical instruments to play air. Some of you may have seen certain type of electric drumsticks that can make drum sounds if played in the air, and I believe we’ve already covered the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker.

The piano has been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the air instruments market. Fortunately, there is the Piano Hand, gloves that allow the user to create a tune by just tapping the fingers.

I looked all over and tried to find more information on the Piano Hand, but I could find very little information on it except that you can choose from about eight instruments. I tend to get suspicious about new products about these, and raise a bunch of questions.

For example, where does the sound come from? Are there any speakers on the those gloves? Is there a volume control on them? Is there some sort of sensors in the fingertips, or is the sound triggered by the movement of the fingers? And what is with the wires? Where would they go? Do they plug into the wall, or a USB drive?

Yes, this Piano Hand is a complete mystery. However, it will soon be available on the site for a price of $69.95 at Hammacher.


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jo Says: September 28, 2010 at 1:07 am

they have a little piece of plastic attached by a wire which lets you choose vol, a choice of 8 instruments etc and it runs (i think) on batteries but can be charged via usb! i can find out all this info but not a a place to buy them from as both my kids want a pair!

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