Happy WakeUp ArousalClock wakes you up using your cellphone

by Ally

If you are having issues with waking up overly groggy and want nothing more than to stay in your warm bed every morning.  Then you might try an alarm clock like this.  It waits to wake you up until you are almost awake or already awake.  Which means you won’t be dead asleep and will be more likely to wake up nice and refreshed.  Now that’s only if it occurs just before the time the alarm is set for.  Otherwise, it will wake you up at the regularly scheduled time.

This alarm is actually an app for your cellphone.  How it monitors your sleep is by utilizing the microphone in your phone and monitoring how you sound.  Just place the phone under your pillow and it will listen all night as you sleep.  Now, this sort of thing could be hard for those that squirm a lot, because the phone could easily go from under your pillow to onto the floor.  To purchase full rights to the application it will cost you 49.95€ or about $73.  That or you can try it out for a week for a lower price to decide if the application will work for you.

Source: Ubergizmo

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