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Everyone wants to do their part in going green these days, and part of the deal is to quit driving around in gas guzzlers – something Americans are guilty of with their muscle cars which pump out way more horsepower than required, just because of bragging rights and wanting to go one up on a neighbor whom they don’t like. Those who are more level headed would think of getting a smaller capacity engine in their vehicle purchase, or even go fully electric if viable. Chrysler could make that happen with their new GreenEcoMobility Peapod electric car, shortened to GEM Peapod.

At first glance, you will find the GEM Peapod to be extremely striking in design, deriving part of its name from the pod-like shape. The whole idea is to reflect its environmentally friendly nature that has always been part of the GEM DNA since it was founded a decade ago. The overall user friendliness of the vehicle comes with today’s technology including iPod integration for you to listen to your favorite tunes no matter where you go, and when used with your iPhone, it doubles up as a hands-free kit – an essential feature since many states these days have outlawed driving while talking on the phone unless you don’t mind the friendly state troopers to issue you a ticket. Additional innovations consist of ergonomic, supportive, mesh seating which enables air circulation for comfort and use of eco-friendly recycled and recyclable materials.

What makes the GEM Peapod extra special is it doesn’t require any fossil fuel to get you from point A to point B, so there is no worry about polluting mother nature here. Regardless of whether you’re headed off for school or for work, the GEM Peapod shows your sincerity in keeping the earth green – hopefully your neighbors will also catch on the idea. The GEM Peapod is being slated for a production run from next year onwards – this ought to be a seller if fuel prices continue their upward trend from now till then. You will be able to choose from half a dozen models – two-, four- and six-passenger cars and three utility vehicles. Don’t think about racing in these though, since GEM neighborhood electric vehicles max out at 25 mph, and have a 30 miles per charge range. Image courtesy of Green Car Congress.

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Xebra Says: September 29, 2008 at 3:55 am

Here is a car that seats 4, requires no fossil fuel, cost 11K and is available right now; not sometime in the unforeseen future.

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