ProTee United launches ProTee Play


ProTee United is the #1 indoor golf simulator company in the world, and they have just rolled out their latest product known as the ProTee Play. This highly advanced computer game allows both avid golfers and gamers who love the game to enjoy a few rounds of indoor golf right behind their PC, reveling in the comfort of international golf courses in full 3D glory. I guess getting this allows you to enjoy your game no matter what the weather is like outside, but you will lack the exercise from all the walking around though.

ProTee Play relies on an internet connection or a network setup in order for several players to get their game on, but if you happen not to have any friends (how sad), then you can always play against the computer. Unfortunately, there won’t be any additional peripherals required to increase the realism of the title as all you need to swing the club is a mouse or a joystick. I suppose no matter how realistic the game is within, without the external hardware to help transfer this feeling of realism, all their efforts will amount to naught. After all, the whole idea of using a connected golf club peripheral would be for you to translate those in-game swings into your performance on the green to help you shoot a low score, right?

Before the year is over though, ProTee United will introduce new supplementary packages including an advanced sensor system that enables players to build their own indoor golf simulator at home. Interestingly enough, the company will roll out a version that can be played over a Wii console next year, so that ought to up the realism ante. I suppose playing a round of golf virtually isn’t the same as being on the course yourself, but hey – think of all the carbon footprint and money you’ll save by not flying around the globe with a bunch of friends, and if you’re losing you can always pull the plug on your computer and cite a blackout just to preserve your score, right?

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