Jumbo Display LED Alarm Clock looks like a light up Lego

This odd little alarm clock should almost make it into the Foolish Gadgets files, but on account of the fact it looks like a giant Lego we’ll let it slide just this once.  Even if it is so incredibly geeky that I doubt many dignified geeks would pick one up.  First of all the alarm clock is so massive that it would most definitely eat any bedside table you place it on.  Second of all, the picture you see above is of the alarm clock while it’s off.  Those little pegs light up to create oversized numbers indicating the time.

One thing’s for sure you’d never lose track of time again, not when your alarm clock is this large.  It has all of the usual dull specs.  It has snooze, an on/off switch for the alarm, a PM indicator and a reset button.  The clock comes in either blue or white, as indicated in the photo.  The dimensions are 235 x 72 x 60mm.  Wait, what is this mm stuff?!   This is a US product, don’t they know we don’t use any of those silly logical measurements?!  We have exclusive things like inches, which are obviously way better.  To pick up the clock it will cost you $59.

Source: Pocketlint