Esteban IV solar car paraded


L’école Polytechnique de Montréal has presented their solar car known as Esteban IV. The fourth revision of this solar-powered vehicle is covered with eight square meters of monocrystalline solar cells, tipping the scales at 300 kg with a 5,000-watt lithium-ion polymer battery at its heart. The external segment of the Esteban IV is constructed from a combination of bulletproof Kevlar, carbon and glass fibers whilst its tubular structure is made out of aluminum. The Esteban IV can travel up to 110 kmh, although the idea cruise speed is slightly more than half of that. During days where the sun is left unobstructed, it is able to roll on indefinitely, but on cloudy days, it will rely on a combination of both solar and battery power with a 4-hour lifespan. Currently, the Esteban IV team is hoping to offer improvements by replacing certain parts in order to make it lighter for greater efficiency. Guess standard solar-powered sedans are still a long way off.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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