AmpLamp blasts sound from the light

I’ve noticed a trend in making devices that serve dual purposes. For example, iPod docks that act as alarm clocks, cell phones that act as MP3 players, and so on. I’ve even seen stereo speakers that can act as picture frames. So why not take an ordinary lamp and make it into a stereo speaker?

This is the concept design of the AmpLamp, which has speakers hidden in the lamp shade, as well as a subwoofer in the base. The AmpLamp uses NXT technology that can turn any flat surface into a speaker.

In addition to this technology, the AmpLamp also uses Airsound tech with small side-firing speakers. All these combine for a lot of sound for 80 watts of power, which could be more than the wattage of the bulb.

Right now, this is merely a concept design from Dominic Bromley, and doesn’t look like it has any release date at the moment. So I don’t know how to hook up the speaker to a stereo, or what type of stereo you can hook it up to. Personally, I hope this can be an iPod dock.

Still, this device is a wonderful merging of two technologies that we hope to see more of in the future.