Robotic Junkyard Dog


Ever wished you had a pet but do not want to get bogged down by details such as picking up after it, sending it for vaccination shots, as well as the whole works? Well, with the Robotic Junkyard Dog, that dream can now be realized albeit to a certain extent.

Constructed from “scrap,” this mischievous robotic mutt performs a programmable series of up to 80 moves – if he listens, that is. He cocks his head, twitches his ears, wags his muffler tail, sits, stands, and scampers freely–infrared sensors help him to react to movements, avoid obstacles, and detect and avoid drop-offs like stairs. The simple remote directs movements and commands 18 different tricks like “shake hands” and “play dead”. Programmed to “malfunction,” he requires his owner to reset his circuits straight. Whether happy, angry, or crazy, his slot-machine eyes express his moods and desires–food, running wild, or the call of nature. Entering a code on the mutt’s control panel reprograms him as a cat, a junkyard guard dog warning of approaching strangers, or rescues him from a “breakdown.” A pair of rear wheels and forepaws that slide over the floor make him a highly mobile dog, even on carpet. Requires four C, two AA, and three AAA batteries.

You can pick up the Robotic Junkyard Dog for $129.95.

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