High Heels Phone for fashion lovers and divas alike

by Ally

Anymore most of us use our cellphone for our phone calls.  Actually, I have a land line hooked up because the overall plan for phone, cable and internet is cheaper than getting just internet and cable.  However, it tends to ring so often with telemarketers that I just have it unplugged.  Plus, everyone calls my cellphone, I’m not sure anyone actually has my home number.  For the most part people are either already as bad as I am or are slowly going to be moving towards that.  Which makes a pink high heel phone horribly ridiculous and pointless on so many levels.

First of all there’s the pink factor, so disgustingly pink.  Then of course there is the fact that it’s a high heal.  Most women are going to take one look at it and think it’s far too girly for them.  Then again, there is the younger crowd and I’m sure some miniature diva would love having a fashion inspired phone.  Right now it’s being sold on Gadget4All, which is known for their overly quirky gadgets.  To pick it up it will cost you $22.

Source: Popgadget

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