Encoder Ring lets you hide super secret information

Some of the most entertaining products, are the ones that haven’t made it into production just yet and are merely a concept design. This one may not seem very technology based, after all it is a ring, even if it has unique little dots encoded into it. Well those are dots are more than they initially appear to be. They represent letters within binary code. Which means you can have a ring with a secret message placed within it. Although, as hard as I try I can’t really think of a single thing I’d want to encode onto a ring like this.

It can hold up to 64 characters, so you can get at least a fairly decent sized message. Granted you could go the cheesy route and stick with things like “Forever Yours” but where’s the fun in that. Hopefully if it’s a message meant for your family if anything were to happen to you they’ll be able to find someone to translate what your ring says. Maybe you could open a secret bank account just purely so you’ll have a super important secret message to throw on it. Yes, this isn’t a product you can purchase just yet, but we can hope that eventually it will be. You can check out more on the ring on the creator’s site.

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