Sanyo PLV-Z3000 LCD projector


Sanyo has a spanking new LCD projector in town known as the PLV-Z3000. This model will oust the PLV-Z2000, and as with any new model release, one can expect it to come with the necessary upgrades and improvements, so the PLV-Z3000 is no different in this aspect. First off we will see the PLV-Z3000 utilize Sanyo’s very own TopazReal HD technology that comprises of 14-bit digital processing and real-focus HD lens system. What is TopazReal HD, you ask? It is a 3D color management system that address changes in color phase and color level to obtain perfect color reproduction, producing 1110 times more color combinations than 720p projectors, which is the equivalent of roughly 216 billion color combinations. I don’t think my eyes will be able to tell that many colors apart, but at least I’ll have bragging rights with this.

The PLV-Z3000 also prides itself in being the industry’s first projector with a 5:5 pull-down mode, boasting ‘Dynamic Predictive Frame Interpolation Technology’ that relies on speeds of 120Hz to increase the smoothness in video reproduction, regardless of the current scene. This is made possible by doubling the frame rate from 60 fps to 120 fps thanks to interpolation frame generation technology. The interpolation technology is smart enough to predict the motion differences between frames, and will automatically generates five interpolated images to fill the gaps in order to improve overall resolution and eliminate motion artifacts. Home theater buffs will definitely appreciate the PLV-Z3000 since it produces an accurate reproduction of 24 fps source material, making you feel as though you were watching movie theater-quality shows from everyday broadcast programming.

Sanyo will be releasing its PLV-Z3000 this December for approximately $3,295. Time to get yourself a pretty nice Christmas present, eh – just make sure the missus approves of this purchase by telling her that she’ll never see her TV serials in the same light ever again. Image courtesy of Cybertheater.

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