Cooktop concept could help College crowd

by James

Designer Matthias Pinkert has created a very interesting electrical stove concept which promises to help college students and those just starting out on their own in studio apartments. Called the Electrolux Cook Top Vesta concept, the idea is a kind of Murphy Bed for stovetops. The cooking surface, containing 4 stylish electrical burners, can be flipped up for food prep and provide increased valuable kitchen space in cramped spaces. Heck, you don’t even need a kitchen. Any table area can be turned into a stove top with this idea.

Another interesting feature is the RFID reader which will glean information on food packaging to manage the heat and not overcook or undercook the food. That’s fine if the cook is just warming up prepackaged dinners, but if someone is seeking to indulge in the Food Network fantasy and make their own gourmet meals, that could be more problematic than helpful.

Still, the idea is one that is really needed in the single college world, where students can change their addresses every semester and don’t want to pay for a university meal plan. If they could only have a similar convection oven design, a complete portable kitchen might actually mean students would learn to cook and not just “nuke” their food.

Hat Tip – UberGiz

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Neagle Says: September 21, 2008 at 10:00 am

What is the cooking method of this device? I.E.: induction, heating element,, ect.?

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