Plane Quiet Platinum active noise-reduction headset


Outside the Box Group (funny yet interesting name, that) has just released the Plane Quiet Platinum active noise-reduction headset that will definitely be a boon for people who do plenty of traveling, be it on the road, on sea or in the air. Traveling during peak season is even worse – you will have to jostle with tons of people in sardine-packed environments, not to mention trying to drown out the sounds of crying kids and noisy brat as you attempt to get some much needed shuteye before you arrive at your destination.

The Plane Quiet Platinum active noise-reduction headset features a luxurious leatherette headband and ear cups, offering maximum comfort and a snug fit that makes sure that most, if not all of the ambient noise will be blocked by its noise-cancellation technology. Each purchase also comes with a handy carrying case and gold-plated stereo pins as well as the relevant adapters so that you can use it with a wide range of portable media players, onboard airplane audio or notebooks. The active noise-reduction technology used in the Plane Quiet Platinum headset is able to nullify up to 80% of ambient noise without sacrificing on audio quality, thanks to the 40mm rare earth neodymium speaker drivers that are capable of high-fidelity audio reproduction.

Traveling with the Plane Quiet Platinum headset is also made easy courtesy of its flat-folding design that helps travelers maximize space in their carry-on luggage, something I would like to see other manufacturers attempt these days. Give us powerful and smaller power adapters, take the Ikea flatpack route and you’ll have plenty of happy travelers. The headset itself weighs just 5.12 oz., a comfortable figure that makes it suitable for long trips. It is powered by a couple of AAA batteries and comes with a limited one-year warranty. You can pick up the Plane Quiet Platinum noise-canceling headset for $99.95.

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