Gamucci electronic flavored cigar includes nicotine

If you have a serious thing for cigars, but you’ve finally decided it’s best not to smoke them you might be looking for something to fill the void. Granted not a whole lot of cigar smokers I’ve seen have had a nicotine habit to kick, so something with nicotine isn’t really necessary. Typically cigar smokers smoke for the love of cigars and at least the ones I know have quit several times and just occasionally smoke cigars later on. It doesn’t seem like they have nearly the urge to smoke that cigarette smokers do.

Well if you do have nicotine cravings, this electronic cigar might help you get your fix without inhaling unhealthy smoke. The electronic cigar has nicotine and puffs out harmless vapors that look like smoke. It is tobacco scented and comes in Cuban tobacco flavor. It will last for 600 puffs, which is the equivalent to 40 cigarettes. Also, since it is just vapor this is puffing out you could smoke it in places that don’t allow smoking. To pick on up it will cost you £11.99 or about $21.

Source: CoolBuzz