The Lightwave CS1SPK Color-Changing Speakers with Beat Recognition

Typically novelty speakers offer all kinds of shiny extras, but very little quality in the important parts of the gadget.  This one has the extra of flashing colored lights, which adds up to over 200 color combinations, plus it offers quality sound.  The speakers are said to have powerful enough light and sound that it will fill the room.  Turning your office or bedroom into a miniature rave, except at least with these speakers you get to pick out all of the music.

The speakers also have real-time beat recognition and red, blue and green static color modes.  The speakers offer clear and crisp sound along with the flashing lighting.  Since it is such a nice set of speakers it does cost a little more, luckily it’s being sold on Amazon.  Currently there are eight sets of used versions that start out at a little over $20.  However, if you’d like to pick up a new one it will cost you $73.50.

Source: GadgetGrid