ION announces Drum Rocker

ION has announced its latest peripheral that targets the video game world – the Drum Rocker. This officially licensed Premium Drum Set for the Rock Band 2 video game has already started to ship to both customers and retailers, although the Xbox 360 version will be the first one out of the doors followed by releases on other gaming systems to come in the months ahead. The Drum Rocker was specially designed and developed for Rock Band 2, and good news to those who still have Rock Band – it is backwards compatible with the original Rock Band title along with Guitar Hero: World Tour, courtesy of the latter’s developers who has decided to include support for Rock Band peripherals. Great for fans who are already pretty tight with their budget, and all these extra peripherals tend to add up in the long run.

The Drum Rocker is touted to deliver the most realistic drumming experience available to any gamer, bringing a whole new level of immersion during gameplay. It was specially designed to endure even the hardest beats and (ab)use, ensuring you gain maximum enjoyment from each session. Drum Rocker will be fully adjustable and configurable, where both drum and cymbal pads are individually mounted on a professional aluminum drum rack. There will be accessory components for Drum Rocker from ION that allows users to create custom setups if they want to.

Drum Rocker doesn’t only function as a game controller, it doubles up as a professional electronic drum set as well once you throw in a professional drum module like the Alesis DM5. The Alesis DM5 offers over 500 professional drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds built-in, in addition to a dozen inputs for drum and cymbal pads. I am glad to say that Drum Rocker is compatible with many other professional drum modules. Drum Rocker will retail for $299. Image courtesy of IGN.

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