The Screaming Skull Protective Mask Cover protects your PS3

by Ally

Obviously, writing for a gadget site, I find gadgets cool.  However, at some point you find yourself with as many gadgets as you really need, possibly more.  At which case you have to figure out what to do with the money you set aside for gadget funding.  This is the point when you can either keep buying gadgets or find ways to pamper the ones you currently have with skins and cases.  The PS3 already has a nice sleek design, the all black case looks plenty good all on its own.

Frankly in most cases I would never consider covering it, yet this cover is probably the one cover that could change my mind. The protective mask cover features a screaming skull trying to push its way out of your PS3.  It is also a little different than a skin, because it isn’t actually a sticky cover.  It’s a hard shell that attaches instead of being just a giant pretty sticker.  It is being sold on SourcingMap for $10.99 a piece.

Source: GamerFront

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