The Britax Advocate Car Seat has built-in airbags

by Ally

Car seats for your small children haven’t changed much, at least not enough to warrant a post on any gadget sites.  Well Britax is supposed to be now coming out with a car seat that has it making its way onto different gadget sites.  They decided to put some airbags into the seat.  I’m guessing they are much more gentle than the ones put in your car.  Considering the ones in your car are the reason the kids have to stay in the back seat.

Unfortunately there isn’t a ton of info on this new creation.  No video demonstrations or details on when we can expect even a little more information.  The airbags are located on the sides and have been tested quite a bit.  They kick on upon impact just like your normal airbags.  They after testing noticed that the amount of injury was greatly less with the airbags in the carseat.  The Britax Advocate Carseat comes in four different prints; gray, opus, onyx and catherine.  There also aren’t any details on pricing, but hopefully more on the seat will come out over time.

Source: CrunchGear

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