Thanko Media Player Sunglasses

This isn’t the first time that we’ve reported on Thanko products before, nor is it the first time we’ve reported on media viewing glasses. Thanko products seem to be selling well, but media viewing glasses still aren’t.

I say this every time I review any media playing glasses, but right now, but media-viewing glasses cannot escape the geek factor. I am still looking forward to an age where these will catch on, but I’m just not certain how far in the future we need to go before everyone is wearing media playing glasses.

As for the Thanko Media Player sunglasses, they can play videos in MP4, MPG, AVI, and ASF formats. Apparently, the glasses are designed for viewing the videos at about 50-inches in comparison, at about 432 x 240.

The material for viewing the audio, video, or photo files can be stored via mini SD cards. The Thanko Media Player Sunglasses allows you to connect to the computer via USB 2.0 for downloading of more files. It also comes with a lithium ion-battery, and four equalizer presets.

The Thanko Media Player Sunglasses comes in a package that contains the sunglasses themselves, a remote control, an AC adapter, earphones, plus a USB cable and carrying case for about $324.