WowBacon microwave for fast and healthy snacks

Bacon lovers, take note! The WowBacon microwave claims to let you broil your own bacon (and not fry them) in a fast and easy manner, filling up your tummy each time the munchies strike.

Its ability to let you easily and quickly make only as much freshly-broiled bacon as you want, on the spur of the moment and without the usual mess, is a convenience offered by none other. Small, takes up little space but no bacon cooker can make bacon faster. Broil a pound of regular or thick cut bacon in less than 10 minutes! Use two broilers, one in the microwave, while the other is unloaded and reloaded.

If you’re a bacon lover and won’t eat absolutely any other kind of meat, then the WowBacon is definitely the right device to bring home. Just in case somebody comes up to you and start lecturing on how bad bacon is for your health, WowBacon has come up with some counter points.

  • It is crispier, has less fat. Precooked bacon must be cooked more to make it crisp, often using more towels
  • Its bacon has bulk. It doesn’t taste papery
  • It doesn’t limit your choices or brands
  • It costs half for the same weight eaten

You can pick up a single unit for $19.95, while a Twin Pak will retail for $34.95.

5 thoughts on “WowBacon microwave for fast and healthy snacks”

  1. “is a convenience offered by none other”

    That’s a lie! There are plenty of bacon microwave gadgets on the market. This one actually looks pretty bad compared to others. It doesn’t look like it holds very much bacon.

    I bought three of the same thing a couple years ago and all three fit in a medium size microwave and each can hold 12 pieces.

  2. As a big fan of bacon this is for sure something that I might want to invest in the future. Cut the greasy fat from bacon and still enjoy the great joys of bacon 🙂

  3. This is such an amazing invention! Since it’s a broiler then it is much a healthier way of preparing foods. Moms will definitely love it!

  4. A healthier alternative in preparing scrumptious meals for the family! This will surely become a great hit in the market.

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