FitBit is a Digital Personal Trainer

TechCrunch 50 revealed a device that everyone who wants to stay healthy needs. It is called the FitBit, and it is a tiny clip-on wireless motion sensor and recorder that serves as a personal trainer.

The FitBit is designed to clip on to a user, and it monitors your performance. By performance, I mean the exercise intensity levels, calories burned, steps that you take, and the distance traveled. Not only will it monitor these active states, but it can also monitor you as you sleep.

The FitBit ships with a 2.4 GHz wireless base that serves as a charging station. All you need to do is clip it onto the station, and receives a 10-hour charge. In order to download all current information to the base, all you need to do is just pass the FitBit clip within close proximity of it.

The user can then go to the FitBit website and check out all their information online. For those who want to see their information on the clip itself, there will be an OLED display on the device by the time it ships in December. There will even be an avatar on the screen that will shrink and grow to indicate exercise progress. All of this will be available for just $99.