USB Thumb Drive Bottle Opener

by Mark R

The thing that I don’t like about USB thumb drives is that they don’t really serve any use besides the whole memory storage thing. I mean, maybe there should be some sort of usefulness attached to this device, like making a bottle opener on it.

It looks like someone has finally made that happen as TrekStor, a company known for USB drives, has made a USB thumb drive that doubles as a bottle opener. You can also put it on your keychain. So if someone wants a beer that needs opening, you can just whip it out and crack it open.

And, if you are in a situation where you are cracking open a beer for a person of the opposite gender, you can even make some great conversation as you say: “Yeah, and it has up to 16 GB worth of storage”. If that doesn’t impress someone, feel free to say that it has a brushed aluminum finish.

The Trekstor has data transfer speeds of 25 MB/s and 12 MB/s, and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X, Linux, and Kernel 2.6x. You should be able to get the 1GB version for about $10, and the 16GB version for about $71.


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