The Atomic Cherry Red Motor Alarm Clock

As an adult, it starts to look a little strange attempting to purchase a race car bed for yourself. Not only that but unless you’re vertically challenged, eventually you will become too tall for those kid-sized race car beds. It also makes it awkward when you’re trying to take a girl home with you. It’d be about the equivalent of asking her if she’d like top or bottom bunk. Well if you’re trying to appear as if you’re an average adult, but miss your race car bed, at least you could pick up this alarm clock.

The alarm clock features a design that is created to look about like the dashboard in your car. Not only does this cool little clock show your love of cars but it also has a couple of extra little features. On one side it will tell you the weather outside. That is just in case you don’t feel like peaking outside to find out for yourself. It will also tell you the temperature, which is convenient for picking out what to wear. It has a few different options as far as what sound it makes when the alarm sounds. You can choose between a V8 muscle car, V-Twin motorcycle, Turbo and Door ajar alarm. To pick one up it will cost you $79.

Source: bbgadgets