CGOTW and $50 Winner are…


Stash Reef Sandals

Last week’s coolest gadget was a close one and for a change it was won by relatively cheap and what could be called “sensible” gadget, the stash reef sandals. Submitted by S2999, these sandals are ideal for hiding valuables, that is until everybody knows about them.

The idea is brilliant: they have a little “drawer” inside the sole where money, credit cards or keys can be stashed. I’ve never ever heard of shoes being stolen from the beach, so your valuables would be much safer than anywhere else. High quality footwear that’s more than just a pair of flip-flops? Win.

spaIn second place we have previous CGOTW winners Gaj-It with the cool LayZ inflatable spa.

The LayZ Inflatable Spa inflates within 10 minutes and you don’t even need exceptional lungs, just plug it in and away you go! The tub features 80 turbo-massage jets so will save you begging for that quick rub around your shoulders after a day sitting in front of a computer.

robot vac
Finally in third place we have the vacuum cleaning robot, I used to have a Roomba (called Dexter) until it quite literally bit the dust.

The iRobot Roomba, to use its technical name, can be programmed to vacuum even while you’re asleep. You can pre-set it to work seven different times a week to make sure that all of the hoovering is done at a convenient time for you. It will vacuum the whole floor, including under furniture and along walls and will automatically adjust from carpets to hard floors and back again.

As always thanks to all entrants, voters and commentators. The next weekly coolest gadgets will be up for voting this Friday (write about gadgets and want to enter, here’s how), see you there.

This week’s randomly drawn voter who wins the $50 Amazon voucher is Le Melon, congratulations Le Melon we’ll be in touch.

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