Schlage LiNK Starter Kit

by Mark R

I realize that most people have their garage door openers conveniently clipped to their visor, but I don’t see why we can’t just open our doors with a cellular phone or other MID (Mobile Internet Device).

This is one of the uses for the Schlage LiNK, a system of locks and deadbolts that can be unlocked using a cellular phone or Internet connection. All a user needs to do is enter in a 4-digit access code on their device, and wireless Z-Wave technology unlocks and opens the pre-programmed doors.

These access codes can be changed for specific days or times of the day, and it will automatically send the user emails or text messages whenever the codes are used. That way, if someone managed to bypass your access code, you will be informed of it.

Of course, the chances of anyone getting by your personal PIN number are pretty slim as the Schlage locks have the Secure Socket Layer, a security system used by most banks.

If you are the type that wants this type of security connected to your wireless device, you should be able to purchase the Schlage LiNK Starter Kit for about $299. You should know that the cost doesn’t stop there, as there is a $12.99 monthly fee.


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Mr Zwave Says: January 23, 2009 at 7:16 pm

The door lock is nice.
The Zwave Bridge Sucks. It lacks certian Zwave functionality and is not Zwave certified. Futhermore Schlage claims that the web interface will work a thermostat to heat or cool. The zwave termostats on the market today will not work at all. This is not what Zwave is all about.
Once again zwave Fails

Peter Kaiser Says: August 10, 2010 at 3:59 pm

DO NOT GET THE MICASAVERDE!…Thought I could get around the Schlage subscription LiNK, but the vera2 cannot add/remove users and PINS so it makes the device worthless. It can lock/unlock the door remotely, but the whole idea is to be able to add temporary users and pins so that the maid or a contractor can open the door. The vera2 CANNOT do this…

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