Pixel drink coasters allow you to customize each one

by Ally

Coasters are usually the farthest thing from gadgetry you can get, however, these coasters feature a pixelated quality that no geek could pass up.  It comes in one big book that includes fifty sheets, so you can decide to have an overly long coaster if it suits you.  You can also break off the average one square.  Once you have chosen your length, you can then pop out the individual squares to customize your coaster.  You could of course go for the classic Space Invaders or you could just pop out a few random squares to give the coaster a little more character.

The squares are all completely random as far as their color shades go, so no two will look exactly alike.  They’re also made of a resilient paper fiber that is supposed to be able to last through condensation from your drink as well as the occasional clumsiness that results in a spill of your morning coffee.    The coasters come in two different colors, blue and a pretty pink.  Sadly these are coming from a Taiwan retailer, so this isn’t going to be available for those of us in the States or in the UK just yet.  It is being sold for 260 Taiwan dollars or about $8.

Source: Technabob

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