The Wireless Outdoor Speaker with Nightlight

by Ally

Garden lighting is nothing new or exciting, neither are splash proof speakers.  However, the combination of the two makes outdoor entertaining a bit more convenient.  It is of course only splash proof, so you can’t douse the poor speakers in water and still expect them to work.  That also means it might not be the best to leave them outside while it’s really pouring.  Which does make them a little inconvenient, but it does still have some redeeming factors.

It does also have a flat base, so you could sit it underneath your porch for storage and use.  After all a patio is where you’re likely to spend more of your time anyway, you might as well have it right there with you.  Then when it gets dark out you have a nice glow to go with it.  They will reach up to 240ft and you can buy a second speaker and play them as a set or just one on its own.  These will work with MP3 players, DVD players, TVs, all the usual gadgets.  The speaker will cost you £84.95 or about $150 from

Source: BookofJoe

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