Sony Vaio CP1 digital photo frame

Sony’s got its fingers dipped into the whole gamut of consumer electronics, and has just unveiled the wireless Vaio CP1 Wi-Fi photo frame that aims to make it a snap to share your favorite digital moments with family and friends, in addition to receiving news while streaming Internet radio in real time. This is clearly a step above other regular digital photo frames that does nothing but play a slideshow in a loop, while others are able to play MP3 tunes as well, but the Sony Vaio CP1 certainly goes one up on those departments with its built-in wireless connectivity.

The 7″ LCD display itself has a 800 x 480 resolution and is able to show 16 million colors simultaneously. Seriously, with a screen size that small, it won’t really matter too much whether you have 16 million colors or not, after all, it is not as though you are holding an art exhibition on a bunch of LCD displays. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi technology, the CP1 model is able to streaming images from a Vaio PC and hook up to Google Picasa web albums for you to view up to a quartet of web albums at the same time. Heck, you can also use the CP1 to upload photos directly to a Picasa account if you fancy.

Good thing it came with a bunch of memory card slots just like other plain Jane digital photo frames. The CP1 is able to work with Memory Stick media, SD/MMC memory cards and CompactFlash media cards. The internal storage isn’t too much to shout about at 128MB, but that is easily offset by being connected to an online photo album which has virtually unlimited storage. Nice to see Sony throw in an RSS reader that makes it a snap for you to capture the latest news headlines and entertainment content without firing up a computer. The Vaio CP1 digital photo frame will retail for approximately $300 as they’re released sometime in mid-October.

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