CSI Stick takes the info out of your cell phone

by Mark R

I’m not certain whether this latest spy gadget should really be branded with the “CSI” initials, as it is more like something the NSA would use. However, I’ll humor Paraben, the company that makes the CSI Stick, with an episode of CSI where the CSI Stick comes into play.

Let’s say that Grissom has a suspect, and in order to find out more information about him, they attach the CSI Stick into the suspect’s cellular phone. They will soon have access to the incriminating data on that cell phone.

This is premise of the CSI Stick, and now Grissom will be able to see any calls placed or text messages sent or received. The CSI Stick can also make a logical copy of this data for further investigation, if needed.

The CSI Stick has settings for just copying text messages, call logs, or phone books. It can also do photos and movies, if need be. Of course, there is that whole privacy thing, and at this point, it doesn’t look like you need a license to carry a CSI Stick.

The CSI stick costs about $199, and comes with the CSI Stick base unit, two Motorola tips, one Samsung tip, a remote charger, and a carrying case.


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