Retroboard keyboard features Space Invaders

by Ally

Alright, so flexible keyboards are nothing exciting or new, they have been around for a while now.  However, when one decides to throw in a few Space Invaders, then it becomes interesting.  Sadly the little guy that shoots stays fixed on the spacebar, he doesn’t move back and forth at all.  Also, none of the aliens will go falling when they meet a tragic end.  All of the images stay fully in place, but it would make it even more fun to play the classic game when your PC is sporting this keyboard.

It comes in two different color combinations, red and white, as well as black and white.  Of course black and white is the coolest.  The white however does feature a slightly different setup, it looks more like a keyboard that would come with your Mac.  However, the red and white combination almost comes across cheap.  I think I’d much rather pick up the black keyboard. You can pick one up on 101 Gear for £19.99 or $35.42.

Source: OhGizmo

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