Gorillapod Go-Go Collection

by Mark R

It’s been a while since we reported on the Gorillapod, a flexible tripod accessory for photographers. The company that makes the Gorillapod, Joby, has branched out and made a Gorilla pod for all sorts of other devices.

As you can see from the attached photo, the Gorillapod has grown quite attached to GPS devices, cellular phones, even portable gaming devices. This series of accessories to mobile devices is known as the Gorillapod Go-Go collection.

There are several ways to attach these Gorillapods to the mobile devices. Most cameras have a threaded hole that the Gorillapod can use its slim-line clip to hold onto by screwing it in. The user can also use a suction cup clip that attaches to any flat surface with a vacuum seal with the flip of a switch. There is also the option of using a high-bond adhesive clip to stick it to your mobile device like the Cliphanger.

As for the legs of the Gorillapods, they can bend and rotate at 360 degrees to form whatever shape is needed. It also has rubberized ring and foot grips so there isn’t a lot of slippage when you stand your gadget up.

You should be able to get the Gorillapod Go-Go for about $29.95 on the Joby site. That is a small price to pay to convert your mobile device into something out of War of the Worlds.


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